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kem_viva's Journal

6 April
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I love to have fun and hang out with friends, go to the movies, read books and watch some tv. I also love to go to the city, especially NYC and London where I was lucky enough to spend a semester studying. Football is a huge part of my life, my favorite team is Arsenal who I am obsessed with. I also like to travel and would love to travel the world if I had the money for it. I love music from all genres, styles, and cultures and love to learn new things and make new friends.

I am also a mod in the comm/organization Red Card Homophobia rc_homophobia and love working on that cause.

I am 「
I am Meera Reed of A Song of Ice & Fire

Hogwarts is Home

Welcome to Hogwarts!
hogwartsishome is an active Harry Potter fandom and sorting community. We're full of fun Harry Potter related activities such as becoming a Registered Animagus, playing Quidditch, or even participating in Herbology activities. And, of course, everything you do helps work toward the House Cup!

Come get sorted at platform_934 today! Tell them you were sent by a Member of the Order!