The Point is Honor

Lightning cracked to the south as the riders swung down off their horses.  For half a heartbeat darkness turned to day.  An axe gleamed silvery blue, light shimmered off the mail and plate, and beneath the dark hood of the lead rider Brienne glimpsed an iron snout and rows of steel teeth, snarling.
Gendry saw it too. “Him.”
“Not him. His helm.”  Brienne tried to keep the fear from her voice, but her mouth was dry as dust.  She had a pretty good notion who wore the Hound’s helm. The children, she thought.
The door to the inn banged open.  Willow stepped out into the rain, a crossbow in her hands.  The girl was shouting at the riders, but a clap of thunder rolled across the yard, drowning out her words.  As it faded, Brienne heard the man in the Hound’s helm say, “Loose a quarrel at me and I’ll shove that crossbow up your cunt and fuck you with it.  Then I’ll pop your fucking eyes out and make you eat them.”  The fury in the man’s voice drove Willow back a step, trembling.
Seven, Brienne thought again, despairing.  She had no chance against seven she knew.  No chance, and no choice.
She stepped out into the rain, Oathkeeper in hand. “Leave her be.  If you want to rape someone, try me.”
-Brienne VII, A Feast for Crows
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It was really hard to choose one final quality of Brienne’s to mention.  I thought about posting on her ability to be forgiving or selfless, but most of all I wanted a post that conveyed her bravery and honor.  I don’t think you can really have honor without bravery to go along with it though, so this post will go under the title Bravery.  Brienne’s bravery comes through most of all in times when she needs to be brave to be honorable and do what is right.  I love the quote between Bran and Ned in A Game of Thrones, where Bran asks Ned if a man can be brave when he is afraid, and I think Brienne proves her bravery over and over in times when she is also afraid.  She bites off Vargo Hoat’s ear when left to the Bloody Mummers, she fights Jaime Lannister and then defends him each at time where it could lead to her death, she stands up and fights for the children at the inn in the quote above.  Brienne’s bravery is just stunning.  I can safely say if I was her in these situations I would probably break down and give up.  I don’t have her strength, her sense of honor and doing what is right at all costs, her heroism.  I wish I did, but it is only a special kind of person who does, and Brienne is just one of those people.  I love her, I admire her, and I cannot wait to see where she goes next.

I hope that my 6 days of posts have been entertaining and fun, and most of all I hope they have done justice to Brienne. Thank you everyone for reading, and all your wonderful comments!

To finish, another wonderful quote, from Brienne IV, in AFFC:

“Ser Galladon was a champion of such valor that the Maiden herself lost her heart to him.  She gave him an enchanted sword as a token of her love.  The Just Maid, it was called.  No common sword could check her, nor any shield withstand her kiss.  Ser Galladon bore the Just Maid proudly, but only thrice did he unsheathe her.  He would not use the Maid against a mortal man, for she was so potent as to make any fight unfair.”
Crabb thought that was hilarious.  “The Perfect Knight? The Perfect Fool, he sounds like.  What’s the point o’ having some magic sword if you don’t bloody well use it?”
“Honor,” she said.  “The point is honor.”


I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul

“I have made kings and unmade them. Sansa Stark is my last chance for honor.” Jaime smiled thinly. “Besides, kingslayers should band together. Are you ever going to go?”
Her big hand wrapped tight around Oathkeeper. “I will. And I will find the girl and keep her safe.  For her lady mother’s sake. And for yours.”
-Jaime IX, A Storm of Swords

(by olestrange for the Jaime + Brienne fanworks fest at jaimexbrienne )

I chose this quote from the end of A Storm of Swords because it illustrates just how far Brienne’s relationship with Jaime has changed since she first met him.  Before she met Jaime she considered him a murderer like most of Westeros, and even once they met she did not trust or like him.  However, as they spend more time together, and especially after their encounter with the Bloody Mummmers, the relationship between them starts to change.  I love that Brienne is able to get past her preconceptions of Jaime, and begins to see him for who he actually is. By the time this quote happens they have even developed a sort of trust and understanding of each other.   A running theme this week seems to be how Brienne is a very good judge of character, and her open-mindedness is a credit to this.  She is the only person in Westeros to understand Jaime and realize he is not the horrible person everyone thinks he is. Open-mindedness is, in my opinion, one of the most important traits someone can have because it lets you control your opinions and decisions, instead of allowing other people to make choices for you.  Brienne being able to change from having such a strong negative opinion of Jaime to a positive one shows that she has open-mindedness in abundance. 

(title is from the poem Invictus, by William Ernest Henley)

Kindness is a Virtue

“Scrub him and dress him and carry him to Kingspyre, if need be,” Qyburn said. “Lord Bolton insists he will sup with him tonight. The time is growing short.”
“Bring me clean garb for him,” Brienne said, “I’ll see that he’s washed and dressed.”
The others were all too glad to give her the task.

-Jaime V, A Storm of Swords

(by Kali Ciesemier)

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Whose got brainpower? Brienne's got brainpower!

“Catelyn watched the riders spread out in a long line.  Lord Jason’s men waited to receive them behind rocks and grass and hillocks.  A trumpet blast sent the horsemen forward at a ponderous  walk, splashing down into the current.  For a moment they made a brace show, all bright honor and streaming banners, the sun flashing off the points of their lances.
“Now,” she heard Brienne mutter.
-Catelyn V, A Clash of Kings

(by Rory Phillips at GoGo Picnic)
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“ The tall girl knelt awkwardly, unsheathed Renly’s longsword, and laid it at her feet. “Then I am yours, my lady. Your liege man, or… whatever you would have me be.  I will shield your back and keep your counsel and give my life for yours, if need be. I swear it by the old gods and the new.””
-Catelyn VI, A Clash of Kings

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Brienne of Tarth

The main criticism I see levied at Brienne is that she is simply a character with no characteristics or qualities of her own.  She is seen as being a plot device for ‘more important characters’.   Others complain that she was just thrown into the story to satisfy feminist readers. I think both arguments are terribly unfair and completely overlook who Brienne is and the changes she undergoes during the series.   My argument against these claims is what I will focus on this week, by choosing one quality of her character each day and explaining why it makes me appreciate Brienne that much more.
“At close hand, the brilliant blue armour looked rather less splendid; everywhere it showed scars, the dents of mace and warhammer, the long gouges left by swords, chips in the enameled breastplate and helm.  His cloak hung in rags.  From the way he moved, the man within was no less battered.  A few voices hailed him with cries of “Tarth!” and, oddly, “A Beauty! A Beauty!” but most were silent.”
-Catelyn II, A Clash of Kings
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(my favorite Brienne art, by quickreaver at deviantart) 

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Jaime: red

U2 Concert and ADWD Discussion

So the U2 concert was ammaaazing. But I knew it would be, its U2 after all. I went with my sister, it was so much fun, she had never seen them in concert before and I only had once before and we went crazy the whole time they were performing. Their stage is amazing the way it can change colors and do different lights and the screen can extend and things. So yeah, it was incredible and so much fun. I took a few pics and videos so I might post them later, idk lol they aren't that great.

Okay so I have been trying to figure out how I will post about ADWD without making one massive post that is way too long for anyone to read. I think I am going to do two posts about the plots, Essos and Westeros, of the series and then two or three different ones about the individual characters depending on how much I end up writing.
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Oh, and Arsenal preseason, why are you at such inconvenient times? I missed the last match because I was working, and now I am working during the game Saturday, and will be visiting my grandfather in Indiana during the Emirates Cup so there's a decent chance I will miss those too. Not cool.

Jaime: red

A Dance with Dragons Discussion


Okay, I probably don't have the same right to celebrate getting this book as the people who have been waiting 6 years, but I am still really freaking excited.

I also want to discuss and write down my feelings as I read. I wish I had done this for the other books because my ~initial feelings kind of slip away once I reread and discuss with other people. This time I want to take my time and digest (at least for now lol, we will see if this continues) and write down my first impressions so I can see if/how they change. I am excited for this lol. I think I will use this post for my as I read post, and then just do another for my final opinions. So this will just continue to be updated if anyone is at all interested in my opinions.
It also feels weird because the final Harry Potter movie is coming out Thursday night/Friday morning and I am a HUGE  Potter fan, and I had wanted to watch all the films before going to see the last one, but now all I want to do is read. I am fine with this, my little sister who does not read ASOIAF and who I might have promised long ago to rewatch all the films with before I got into ASOIAF on the other hand is not amused. Oh well, she will deal with it. It just seems strange that at the start of this year I never imagined anything could fill the void left by Harry Potter after this movie came out, and now I feel as if I might not even miss it. Harry Potter is wonderful and amazing and I have so many memories attached to it, but right now ASOIAF is all I want in a series and more. 
And having said that, onto A Dance with Dragons...
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